Browser Based Surveillance Software Problems.
Most DVR systems that use a browser instead of a client program for remote access to the DVR will require Active X components to be installed on your computer to work properly.

For a lot of people this can be a little confusing to get working because Windows by default blocks websites from installing Active X controls on your computer for security reasons. 

In order to install the Active X controls you need to manually change your browser's security settings temporarily to allow the Active X controls to be installed. Once the controls are installed you will need to set your browser's security settings back to their default settings.

Instructions for changing your security settings to allows Active X controls to be installed:

The first problem you will encounter when connecting to our DVR demo is the yellow warning bar at the top of your browser window. 

Click on image to enlarge.


Position your mouse pointer over the yellow bar and right click and select the "Install Active X" option.

Now you will most likely get the following warning from Windows.
Notice that there in no option to install the Active X control. This is where we need to make some changes to your browsers security settings so you will have the option to install the control.

In internet explorer click on TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS
The click on the SECURITY tab at the top.
The click on the CUSTOM LEVEL button.

Look for the following:

This will add the INSTALL option as seen below.

Save your changes by clicking OK.

Once you have the DVR software working go back into internet options and security and press the DEFAULT LEVEL button to set your settings back to the way they were.