Model #: SKU-5204, SKU-5205, SKU-5206

 SpySop2000 Offers its customers high power transmitters and receiver systems that have a transmit power of 200mw or more which is higher then the standard FCC acceptable level. We only sell these systems outside of the USA, To Government Agencies that have appropriate clearance or to companies or individuals and organizations that are licensed to operate high power transmitters.

Before we can sell these products to your company we ask that your companies responsible representative sign this disclaimer indicating that you have been advised of the nature of these units and that you accept full responsibility for any misuse of the model listed at the top of this form. 

Company Name: _________________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________________

City and State: ___________________________________________________________

Phone Number: __________________________________________________________

Reprehensive: ____________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________________________________________


Please fax this form to 214-572-0366 prior to making your purchase.


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