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 High Power Wireless Transmitters

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Here at Spyshop2000.com we have tried a lot of wireless solutions over the years and these have proven time and time again to be the most rock solid systems that we have ever tested. These aren't low power systems like you get on eBay or at Radio Shack. 

These are Professional Quality High Power Systems. All systems come with a Transmitter and Receiver Unit.

Make any of our
cameras wireless with these pro-quality wireless systems

 Several Models To Choose From!
Feature List:

Model Range Power Channels Audio Input? Price
SKU-5202 700 Feet 100mw Single No 105.00 VC-2
SKU-5203 700 Feet 100mw Four yes 145.00 VC-2-MS
SKU-5210 Special Wireless / Wired Receiver & Display Unit - $229.00

Long Range Models:

Model Range Power Channels Audio Input? Price
SKU-5204 1/2 Mile 1/2 Watt Eight No 194.00 VC-2-8CH-HI
SKU-5205 1/2 Mile 1/2 Watt Four Yes 174.00 VC-2-MS-HI
SKU-5206 2 Mile 2 Watt Four Yes 275.00 VC-1-MS-2WATT

Frequently Asked Questions About Transmitter & Receiver Systems.
Q: Do I need a FCC license to use your high power systems?
A: Due to the high output of some of our transmitter systems you should consult with www.fcc.gov for ARS licensing information. We are not responsible for illegal use, concealment, or resale of any product purchased form our company. All models that transmit over 700 feet require a disclaimer to be be filled out by the purchaser before purchasing.

Can I connect more the one camera to the transmitter?
A: NO, You can only connect one camera to a transmitter. How ever you can connect multiple cameras to a quad processor and then connect the single output from the quad processor to the transmitter input effectively connecting four cameras to one transmitter.  

Q: How far can these wireless transmitters go?
A: It depends on the unit that you select and the environment that your going to use it in.
Most wireless systems are rated in feet using line of sigh as a reference. We have systems that will go as little as 700 feet up to 2 miles.

Q: What does line of sight mean?
A: Line of sight means just that "Line of sight"... Two points without any obstacles between them like walls, buildings, trees, or things of that nature. Point "A" being the Transmitter and point "B" being the receiver. Objects like brick, wood and Sheet rock and things of that nature have little impact on the wireless signal. Metallic objects like Sheet metal, Aluminum siding and things of that nature will reflect the wireless signal decreasing the performance. 

Wireless Barn Monitoring Setup

Hi Power Disclaimer

VB instructions

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