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EyezToGo      ETG-1000


Grand Eyez to go is Portable Security system for your home area. It includes TWO CMOS Cameras with microphones integrated into 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and 1.8" TFT Panel with 2.4GHz wireless Receiver. The Picture and Audio captures from CMOS camera and display in 1.8" TFT Panel with real time. CMOS transmits images and audio up to 100 meters in open areas (30 meters through walls, etc.). It is ideal for home security, including child and room monitoring.

Suggested retail: Over $200.00
Our price!!! Just $179.95


Ideal for home security, including child and room monitoring.
Built in 2.4GHz wireless transmitter and receiver.
2x Transmitters include Cmos Camera and microphone for picture & audio monitoring.
Receiver include 1.8" TFT LCD Panel & speaker to display the Video and listen the audio.
Wireless AV transfer range up to 30 Meters for indoor and 100 Meters for outdoor.
Dipole antenna provides optimal video and audio reception.
Eight channels available for best quality selection to avoid interference with other wireless devices.
Anti-Detection for your environment for 2.4GHz reveal Camera in Public square.
Built in battery packs for portable use.
Supports NTSC or PAL video systems
LEDs for channel indicators
Designed to minimize external interference
NTSC & PAL system format.
Antenna Mode: Dipole (Omnidirectional); Demodulation Method: FM
300 TV lines 300,000 Pixels, 3 Lux.
Includes external power supplies for both cameras and LCD display (battery use optional)


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