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WebNetEye - CA-801
We recently added a new DVR card to our line up, the model 16120. During the promotion of this new product we offered customers that previously purchased our 8900 series DVR cards a $45.00 credit toward the new 16120 for each 8900 series DVR card that they mailed back to us. This has resulted in a overstock of used WORKING 8900 series DVR cards. If you already use the 8900 DVR cards and are looking to add a 2nd, 3rd or 4th card this is your chance to save. Even if this is your first 8900 DVR it's still a chance for you to save.

Regular price for a new 8900 series DVR card is 135.99 click here to learn more about these cards.
Used but WORKING WebNetEye, CA-801 SKU-8900 DVR cards just $79.95. 
You save $56.00 or more.

Call to order and to check availability - 1-888-724-1641
Includes: Copy of Original CD, Product KEY, The manual is on the CD. 

High-Density, High speed Duplication grade
Pre-formatted for IBM (PC) 1.44MB storage capacity
These 3.5" IBM PC formatted diskettes come with a durable blue clear plastic shell that conveniently protects, stores, and transports your files. Blank label is already on for quick use and convenience

Each box has 25 disks ($2.50 each box - Brand new in sealed box)
Call to order - Mention the Bargain Bin!!!
High Quality Flexible Key Boards - MiniVIK USB - FLX-500U
Rubberized Flexible Keyboards  Black
We are over stocked on these - Order as many or few as you want - $22.00 each - More then 12? call for discount
Regular Price $38.00 each (
Click Here) For more information.

4 Ports

GtandTec 4 port Digital Video Recorder - No Box, Manual Or Disk. We will Photo copy the manual for you. Surveillance Software can be downloaded from our website after the item is purchased. Comes with full 90 day warranty. Tested and works. We have several of these Gently Used Systems laying around that we need to clear out. 
Your Price just $81.00  - That's $65.00 off full price. 
For more information about this product (Click Here) Call 1-888-724-1641 to order.

Digital Voice Recorder Pen (5 left). These were one of last years best sellers.
(Click Here For Details About This Product)
These are brand new and still in the retail box
Your Price Just $55.00 each - Regular Price $129.95

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