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April 11, 2002


 High End DVR
This system is not for everyone!


Installers Choice !!
Unlike other systems that only have one video processing chip per four ports, this system has one video processing chip for each port resulting in 4 times the FPS. 120 FPS Professional System!

SKU-9001 Side View

SKU-9001 Front Fiew

This system is not intended for the everyday end user to install in their computer. 

We only sell these systems to Installers and Resellers. This system requires you to have prior background in dealing with Digital Video Systems. 
The system motherboard that you will use with these cards must have one of the following chipsets. 

Intel 815/815EP,845,845D,845E and 845G

If you don't have a supplier for mother boards with these chip sets then DO NOT purchase this system.
No VIA, SiS or ALi chipsets are supported with these cards.

CPU: Pentium® III 800mhz or above (We recommend P4 2.0Ghz or higher)
That's "Pentium" not "AMD", don't be confused.
RAM: 128MB For One Card
512k RAM if your going to use two cards
HDD: 80GB or above (We recommend One or More 120GB)
Operating System: Windows® 2000/XP


This system can be set up in three ways. It can be set up as a 4 Channel System, 8 Channel System or as a 16 Channel System. In order to set it up as a 8 channel system you have to install two main boards first. To go to 16 channels you can add in two daughter cards. 

It can not be set up as a 8 channel system by simply using one main card and one daughter card. You must install a 2nd main card before you can add in the daughter cards. 

Other Specs:
VGA Output Resolution: 1024X768
Video Compression: Motion JPEG
Image Resolution: 320X240 or 640X480 pixels
Sensor Input/Relay Output Device: Up to 8 inputs and 6 outputs
Recorded Video Format: DSS
Recorded Audio Format: WAV
Compliance: FCC Class A

O/S Support: Microsoft Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP
Supports Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras
Additional hardware required.
Alert on event (Sensor/Relay/Motion Detection). Configurable for each camera
Multi-tasking: Simultaneous monitoring, recording, playback, and remote monitoring
Display Mode: Auto scan with full screen display under 1/4/9/12/16 cameras display mode
Video Search: Sort recorded files by year, month, date, hour, minute, and second.
Files can be played consecutively
Event Search: Search recorded files by events (motion, audio, call out, sensor input, relay output, video loss, and alarm recording)
Intelligent Search: Using mask to search motions from massive recorded files
Multiple playback: 1/4/9/16 channels playback in the same time
Backup Mode: Manual backup and schedule backup
Backup Device: Disk Array, Tape Drive, CD-R and ZIP Drive
Alarm Messages: Fax or send alarm message to pagers, mobile, landline phones, mailbox and e-mail.
Remote Transmission: LAN and Internet (via Modem/ADSL/ISDN)

Remote Manager: Remote monitoring, recording, playback, backup, Pan/Tilt/Zoom control, and Center Station function. (Up to 16 servers)
Example. Lets say you have 4 stores and each one has a 9001 (4 Cameras) system in it. From the Remote Manager Program  you can have four cameras displayed from one store, four from another store and so on and so on. In short with the remote manager you cam watch any given camera from and given store all on one screen, up to 16 cameras.

Video Recording Mode: Alarm trigger/Motion Detection/Continuous/Schedule recording/Recycle recording
Masking blank zones under recording mode
Motion Detection: Programmable multiple detection zones for each camera
Access control protected by passwords
Remote backup ensures data security

As shown in the photo's above this new system has four video processing chips allowing a full 120 frames per second per card. You can adjust the fps per channel allowing more important cameras to have the higher frame rates or leave the system at default which is 30 fps per channel.  

These cards are stackable meaning that you can install more then one main board in a PC. Two Main boards and two daughter boards per PC max.

Possible configurations:

One 4 port board running at 30fps per channel, 120fsp total. (4 Ports)
Two 4 port boards running at 30fps per channel, 240 fps total. (8 Ports)

Two 4 port boards with two daughter boards running at 15fps, 240 fps total. (16 ports)
Do not buy one main board and one daughter board!! It will not work!!
you must have two main boards before you can add daughter boards!

Notice: we are not in a position to support this product. If your interested in purchasing these system at the Installer / Reseller price (No Support) then contact us. 

You need to be technically inclined as you will be your only support for the most part. The system does come with a Pretty good manual on the installation cD.

Other companies are selling this exact card for $625.00 and up!

End User Price:
Single Four Port Card Regular Price $425.00
Installers and Dealers Call for pricing.


End User Price:
Single Daughter Board $69.00
Installers and Dealers Call for pricing.


Take the demo
The demo may be down at times if we are using the system.

While we do not provide any support for these systems, here is some useful information.
(Click Here)

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